Design and set up .

Data Center:

We design and provide annual maintenance support for Data center to run the mission-critical ERP and other applications for 365 days x 24 hours. We ensure the following arrangements in the data center.

  • Efficient & uninterrupted cooling through precision AC systems to ensure the suitable temperature for the hardware equipment in a proper dehumidified environment.
  • We design scalable power supply system with avoiding single point of failure.
  • We provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system for Data center.
  • We provide SMS alert system in case of power failure to the equipment at Data center.
  • We provide Fire detection & suppression mechanisms through auto releasing of fire suppression gases specifically designed for electronic equipment.
  • We provide lightening prevention system and proper earthling system specially designed for Data center.
  • We provide smart card entry and CC TV monitoring system for Data center for maintain security.
  • We provide Building Management System for automated monitoring and data recording of critical Data center systems.
  • We also provide fire proof portioning, flooring and roofing inside data center.